Central FL Reef Club

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First Club Meeting:
January 16th, 2022    2 PM - 5 PM

Meeting will take place in 
Longwood, FL

Space is limited to 100 guests. Registration is Free.
Registration Link will be sent via Email in November 2021
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The CFL Reef Club is currently a vision that started with Michael Vargas, Hector Girald and Charlie Plaza coming together to discuss several reef topics. The idea sparked from a conversation about the need for a meet up group of like minded individuals that enjoy the hobby and could benefit from networking and getting to know other Saltwater and Reef keepers. 

We are currently planning our first meet up in December 2021 where we will discuss continuing regular meetings moving forward either monthly, every other month or quarterly.  In these meetings, our main goal is to meet other aquarium enthusiasts, trade corals & fish to preserve aquaculture (no selling) and share experiences that can help all of us be more successful in the keeping and propagating corals.

Eventually, we would like to invite subject matter experts, teach how to propagate corals and breed marine fish among other topics. We believe this will help the hobby, involve others and help us grow in knowledge that is detrimental in the successful keeping of corals and marine fish.

Let’s Work Together!

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Longwood, FL 32779

Tel: 321-217-9455

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